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I believe that coaching is about leaving behind all unnecessary and moving forward the right direction.

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Simona Šimková - o mne

About me

My name is Simona. I am curious, adventurous and stubborn. Let's call it persistent. I love paradox. I like to dream and can be very sceptical. I love to dance with friends till the morning and also love being alone, with a book or a favourite show. I love reading books about different things, just so I can use 'only' common sense. I love travelling, with someone or alone. And I love to be at home too - with my family or or having coffee with my friends. I like to wear nice clothes but hate shopping. I love to get up early, but hate going to bed. And the main paradox is that I always wanted to achieve so much, only to find out I care about few things:

I want my family and friends to be healthy and want to feel close to them.
I want to do what I like and want to be great at it.
I don't want to have a boss. At least not the 'classic one'.
I want to get to know the Earth. More, more and more.
I want to be a good person. Not perfect, but good and I want to improve.
I want to be able to laugh, in good times and bad times too.

What is


Personally, I think coaching is about getting rid of anything not serving us anymore and stepping forward the right direction. The right direction for you, not your parents, friends, nor company you work for. 

To stop chasing things we actually don't really want (or to stop climbing ladder leaning against the wrong building), we need to know what it is that we want. Let's not make our journey longer than it has to be. If we take a wrong turn, let's not lament about it, just simply jump on the right train as soon as we can. Let's not plan obsessively, so we don't need to stress about every little deviation from plan.

Coaching is about getting space for yourself, so you can get the right questions getting you closer to what you want. This way you can achieve anything you truly care about.

And most importantly, let's not make it complicated. The most beautiful things are simple.



Individual Coaching (& NLP)

Sometimes, the best way to understand something, is to explain what it is not.

The most common misinterpretation about coaching is related to the way clients get their results or make their decisions.

Coaching is not about telling someone what to do. How many times I've heard 'I would be a great coach, I always give a great advice!' However, telling to our girlfriend that her partner acts like a donkey and she should say something to him, that is not coaching. It's an advice. And many times it is an unsolicited advice.

Coaching is the opposite. A coach does not give advice and doesn't tell anyone how to live their life.

I started my studies of coaching with excitement and humility. I remember a moment that absolutely convinced me about coaching. I read that a great coach has to be 100% convinced that every human can fulfil their potential. And this potential is limited only by physical limits. For example, I don't have wings so I can't fly. Or I won't start playing pro-leage basketball in age of 35. Except these limits, anything is possible. And it is not the coach who decides what 'anything' means. That's the beauty. The potential is there and the client can decide to fulfil it or can decide not to.

Me, the coach, I'm just a tool. A tool trained to give you space:

  • To think about your potential
  • To find answers on how to get there

Few months from this moment, we can be closer to our goals than we have ever been. It's up to us. Sky's the limit.


Pro Bono Coaching

More experience I have, more I perceive how deeply affected we are by our young years and by the environment in which we grew up.

However, we don't have much of a control about the environment as kids or teenagers.

Kids growing up in families where parents run businesses, stress out the importance of education, talk to their kids about their dreams and ambitions, these kids have a massive advantage in comparison to their less lucky peers.

Then you have young people who have their ambitions, but are lacking supports, inspiration or confidence to step to the directions which could be great and exciting for them.

As a teenager, I was very lucky to meet people who have a faith that could do something with my life, despite I was doubting myself a lot at the time. It's always when I experience success I look back and feel grateful for the luck of meeting those people.

I would like to be that person for someone else now.

To become a ICF* Coach Certification, I need to show I have coached certain amount of hours.

I have decided to allocate this time for young people younger than 21 years, who would like to set their sails to the right directions.

If you are interested in the idea, please send me some info about yourself.


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